3Girls Holistic New Mama Healing Essentials Kit

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  • Helps ease postpardum discomfort
  • Includes: 2 oz Nipple Cream, 2 oz Calming Mist, 2 oz Tender Tush Treatment
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3Girls Holistic
The New Mama Healing Essentials is a collection of 3 postpartum care products from 3Girls Holistic that delivers welcome TLC to the woman who has just given birth. Thoughtful as a baby shower gift, the New Mama Healing Essentials will enable her to have what she needs at home as soon as she gets home from the hospital or birth center.

Inside the New Mama Healing Essentials are the following 3Girls Holistic products:
Tender Tush Treatment, 2 oz
Nipple Cream, 2 oz
Calming Mist, 2 oz

3Girls Holistic body care products are made in the USA. They contain zero toxins, zero artificial preservatives or fragrances, and are made with organic and wild-crafted ingredients.



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