adidas Outdoor Edo 3/4 Climb Pants - Women's



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Short Description
  • Elastic waistband
  • Drawcord
  • Stretch woven
  • Embroidered logo on back
  • Fabric: 57% Cotton / 40% Polyester / 3% Spandex Ripstop
Brand Name
adidas Outdoor
Whether you're goofing around at the climbing gym or free soloing* El Cap, you should be wearing Outdoor Edo Climb Pants�and probably some kind of shirt. These particular pants are more flexible than you are (no offense), allowing them to contort with your body as you ascend without providing any resistance. They also have an elastic waistband, which you can roll to minimize the discomfort caused by your harness. Plus, as you climb in these pants, your belayer will get a great view�of the adidas logo (which is embroidered onto the back leg)! * We at Gear Co-op are both in awe of and slightly terrified for the free soloing climbers out there. Just thinking about it makes our palms start sweating and our adrenaline start pumping. That said, we can't, in good conscious, actually recommend trying it�unless you happen to be Alex Honnold.



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