Arbor Coda Rocker Snowboard



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  • A mountain-twin, medium-flex board for intermediate to advanced riders
  • Proficient across a variety of terrains and applications
  • Double Barrel Core uses bamboo to boost power and strength for bigger mountain performance
  • Bamboo Power Ply Top
  • Mixed glassing layup is the best for versatility - jumps, backcountry, groomers, and more
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Tried and true, this previous winner of Outside Magazine's Gear of the Year award and two-time recipient of Snowboard Canada's Grade Eh award is designed for more aggressive riders who charge both in and out of bounds. Comparable to a swiss army knife, the Coda is proficient across a plethora of terrains and applications from tight trees to pillow lines, chutes, and backcountry kickers. Now available in both System Camber and System Rocker versions, the Coda is the perfect all terrain vehicle to serve as the centerpiece of your quiver.



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