Arc'teryx Men's Rotor Wash SS T-Shirt



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Short Description
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Crew neck
  • Short sleeves
Brand Name
Can't afford an Alaskan heli-ski trip? Remind yourself that one day, when you sell your own business and are incredibly wealthy you'll be able to, ducking prop wash and standing atop the line of your life while your buddies hoot. In the meantime, sport the Rotor Wash T-shirt featuring the distinctive image of a helicopter whipping up spindrift. Thanks to the reactive printing process which zaps color from the image, the graphic looks like it's been through a couple of Instagram filters, giving it a classic look without trying too hard. Cotton fabric keeps the shirt feeling nice, soft, and casual while you're hard at work saving money for the real deal. Throw on the Rotor Wash T-shirt and tell friends how sick your heli-trip will be, if they doubt your future success you can always rescind their invite, after all it's your Alaskan adventure.



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