Arc'teryx R-260LT Womens Rock Climbing Harness



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  • Warp Strength® Technology
  • Hook and loop drop seat
  • WST® load is evenly supported across entire harness structure
  • Two injection molded reversible/ removable gear loops
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Tired of double backing? Maybe you hate the bulkiness of your current harness? Can't stand the uncomfortable feeling of sweat lines underneath your harness? Possibly, it's just time for an upgrade? The R260 LT harness has features like a self-locking buckle, and elastic leg loops so the worry of getting to the top of a climb and not having checked your buckles has vanished. You also don't have to worry about sweating too much on your legs because the R260 has ventilated leg loops, perfect for the hot gym, and you can fry an egg on the sidewalk in Joshua Tree. Plus the R260 is extremely compactable so you can stuff it into almost any pack. So whether you're climbing in the gym or outside the R260 is compatible for both.



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