Arc'teryx R280 Climbing Harness - Women's



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"Arcteryx R280 Harness - Women's"
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"Arcteryx R280 Harness - Women's"
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Whoa, am I even wearing a harness?� That is exactly what you'll be thinking after hanging in the R280.� The flexibility of the swami belt redefines comfort in harnesses.� How, you might ask?� Well, the R280 features Warp Strength Technology, a unidirectional mesh that provides support while remaining flexible.� The bulkiness of a harness is diminished in the R280, so it bends and molds to your body as you climb.� The self-locking waist buckle and Sure Fit elastic leg loops reduce time and effort getting into and out of the harness, while simultaneously reducing worry about forgetfulness of properly wearing your harness.� So, why look any further when the R280 has great features and comfort?�



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