AYG XtrDry Cotton Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt - Men's Cranberry Small



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  • Acclimate Fresh Anti-Microbial, Anti-Odor
  • Wicks / Breathes / Quick Drying
  • Machine Wash and Dry, No Shrinking
  • 4.5 oz. / sq. yd
  • 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex, 100% Made in the USA
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Polarmax's Men's All Year Gear T-Shirt is built with overachieving technology to make you better, from serious mountain expeditions to the simple completion of every item on your "to-do" list this weekend. It's lightweight - really lightweight- and it wicks sweat fast so you're never weighed down. But to totally demolish the standard for a great T-shirt, Polarmax's All Year Gear T-shirt also gives you unparalleled stretch and flexibility. Something your old favorite never saw coming.

XtrDry Cotton gives you all the benefits of soft and breathable cotton, plus fast wicking and drying performance so you'll stay comfortable all day long. Polarmax once again delivers the promise of high tech, soft touch comfort fabrics in our new all-year, all-season products. The fastest drying performance cotton, ideal for layering or as a stand-alone piece. Reduces cling when wet. Mid-weight with flat seam construction for ultimate comfort.


The fastest drying performance cotton

100% made in the USA, even down to the thread



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