Backcountry Access Float 27 Tech Airbag - Yellow

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  • Volume: 1650 cubic inches/27 liter
  • Pack Weight: 6.8 pounds/3074 g (entire system including full cylinder)
  • Cylinder Weight: 1.4 pounds/624 grams (full) sold separately,
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Backcountry Access
The Backcountry Access Float 27 Tech is our most technical pack specifically designed for skiers and snowboarders who mountaineer and ride in complex terrain. Creating buoyancy and helping you float to the surface, the 150-liter airbag not only decreases your burial depth but also protects your head and neck from trauma in an avalanche. The Float 27 will carry all your common winter backcountry tools including your mountaineering gear. Our middle volume airbag pack is fully equipped for versatile trips ranging from freeriding to high alpine mountaineering expeditions. The pack is compatible to hold either a BC-Link radio or a hydration bladder on the opposite side sleeve of the trigger. BCA's Float system is removable and interchangeable between packs. BCA's 200 authorized refill locations around the world make it the easiest refillable airbag system on the market. The Float Airbag system does not guarantee survival in an avalanche incident. Educate yourself, make good decisions, and know before you go.



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