Bataleon Whitegold Shaka Snowboard



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Short Description
  • V-Core
  • Carbon Enhanced
  • Cork Stringers
  • Bamboo Sidewall
  • Lightning Edge
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The Shaka is Bataleon surfy, high-end Camel Toe, kind of like the camel toe one might find along the shores of Rio, Monaco, Southern California or exotic locales in the Caribbean. It builds on the 3BT powder shape and design characteristics of the CT, but adds in a bevy of high-end materials for a more robust ride Its triangular carbon stringers in the tip and tail make it highly playful without compromising the soft and supple feel around the mid-section. It also has Portugese cork slabs atop the core to disperse rude chatter and bamboo sidewalls formore lively response and strength along the edges. With a flyweight Very Light core, fine German steel edges and a hidden bamboo center stringer for DIY splitboard operations, it's lean and ready to lay down lines. The featherweight Swiss wood core and added carbon fiber triangles in the tips make it light and loft. They also added a bi-plane blend of Portuguese cork stringers lengthwise along the heels and toes, as well as a cork topsheet to ease any turbulence. With a tough and fast sintered base belly and hardened German steel edges it's ready to charge through bumpy runaways and even rougher landings.



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