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  • Wide View Lenses, Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Comfortable Nose Caps, Peripheral View
  • Curved Lense, Retainer Eyelets
  • Single Hand Operation, Durable Fram
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Simply explained, Belaggles are belay glasses that allow you to look straight ahead, but see upward. Belaggles are an amazing, patent-pending, tool to add to your arsenal of must have climbing gear. Belaggles use prisms to refract light so the belayer can comfortably belay without craning the neck upward. Comfort and safety are the primary benefits. A comfortable belay makes for a safe belay.



Great for relieving my neck while belaying.


I love them. Everyone wants to steal them. They're much sturdier than they look in pictures and the thin prism allows you good vision above and below the goggles, basically creating a 'bifocal' effect. I recommend them to anyone who is planning multi-day climbing adventures or who regularly goes to a high-walled gym.


Strong words of advice, practice wearing these in the gym while belaying for someone on top rope. You're going to want to get used to how they work before you belay for lead or take them outside. That being said, once you get used to using them you're probably going to love them. Nice field of vision, comfortable feel, and sturdy construction.The guys I climb with liked them so much they each bought their own pair. Pretty solid endorsement since they're all pretty cheap ;-)


After getting used to belaying a climber with these on (looking around them when spotting prior to the first clip, taking/paying slack without being able to see your hands), they prove to be quite handy at alleviating neck pain/strain caused by long periods of tipping your head back while belaying. After using several partners' other belay goggles (BelaySpecs, etc.), These seem to be the most durable and stable feeling glasses. Included lanyard is also a huge plus. Used on 100+ indoor and outdoor belays with no complaints.


A few of months ago I ended up getting a herniated disc in my neck and was out for 2-3 weeks. I was given the ok to start climbing again after the 2nd week but my neck began hurting so I took a 3rd week off. During the 3rd week, I decided to purchase the belay glasses to try and save my neck from pain and so I could also keep climbing. I received them in time to go climbing on the weekend and boy.... did I love being back in action! It was easy getting used to them and all of my friends love wearing the glasses. I highly suggest getting a pair if you climb a lot. Your neck will thank you.

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