Big Agnes mtnGLO Power Case Mini with Joey T55

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Short Description
  • Mini travel case with lights and Joey T55 powersource
  • Neoprene case keeps your electronics organized and protected from the elements
  • Charge up the Joey T55 unit in the Power Case Loft before leaving for the weekend then distribute power wherever you need it in camp.
  • Provides the perfect amount of power to keep 2 - 3 smartphones or 1 tablet going through a weekend. More if the smartphones are set to airplane mode. Capacity 5,500 mA.
  • If needed it can be recharged from the USB power outlet in your car or other USB power source.
Part Number
Brand Name
Big Agnes
Protective multi-use case with an integrated power supply designed to charge and protect your phone, tablet and other electronic devices. Includes mtnGLO® Tent Light Accessory Kit.



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