Big Kahuna Portable Shower

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Short Description
  • 4.7, 8, or 13 gallon capacity
  • 8' coiled shower hose included
  • Variable pressure controlled shower head
  • Hose, container, and lid absorb UV heat to warm the water
  • Includes 12 volt accessory plug for auto, RV and other 12 volt systems
Brand Name
Big Kahuna
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The Big Kahuna is one of the best portable showers on the market today! Rugged design, it is perfect for using as a camp shower, on a remote job site, emergency preparedness and more. It has a self-contained 12 volt submersible pump so all you need is to add water for an instant shower anywhere! This portable shower is easy to operate with vented, integrated patented water tight lid. Some of the additional features include 4.7 gallon capacity, 8' coiled shower hose included, variable pressure controlled shower head, and a compact design. Assembled in the USA.



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