Black Diamond Camalot C3 Package - 5 Cams

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Short Description
  • Black Diamond's best selling and most trusted camming device
  • Double-axle design offers widest range for each cam unit
  • C-loop continyous cable stem design is strong & durable
  • Color codes for easy identification
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Black Diamond
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Seasoned trad climbers appreciate small cams, especially Black Diamond C3's because they seem to fit where other camming devices do not. The flexible stem means these protection pieces can be placed in vertical and horizontal cracks, from tips seams to snaking splitter micro fissures. The narrow head width allows them to slip in where other micro cams get denied; a 30% narrower lobe compared with other small cams makes these small cams ideal for finicky placements. Color coding allows quick and easy racking as well as ensuring you grab the right piece when the climbing becomes desperate. Throw this set of C3's on your harness and get ready to fall head over heels in love with these small cams (just don't actually fall head over heels because that sounds dangerous).



Time to start climbing finger cracks & doubious placements, usually C3s fit the bill. Admittedly not my favorite piece of gear because of the type of climbing it commands, C3s protect lines which are harder to read & harder to place. Close competitors are the Aliens & Metolius Master Cams of similar ranges. My first set was 7 years ago at $320 & I thought I was getting a good deal. At $233.82 per set I now have to say they fit they are a serious consideration for those venturing into serious climbing.

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