Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight Set



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Short Description
  • Ultralight version of BD's standard-setting Camalots
  • A 25% weight savings from the original cams
  • Double-axle design offers widest range for each cam unit
  • Dyneema core stem design is strong, durable and low-profile
  • Color-coded for easy identification and wide range of sizes
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Black Diamond
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On fast-and-light missions and smash-and-grab ascents when weight really matters, the Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight presents a 25% weight savings over the Camalot - the world's most trusted camming device. Combining the classic range and cam angle of C4s, Camalot Ultralights offer protection with minimum weight. For years, BD has been tirelessly improving upon C4s, and they have become the standard for camming devices worldwide. Building on this time-tested foundation, they designed the Camalot Ultralight as the next step in the evolution. Central to this new device is a dyneema core, which replaces the steel cable found in C4s. BD's research and design team spent countless hours developing a way to integrate a continuous loop of dyneema. This patent-pending construction cuts a significant amount of weight from each cam while keeping an emphasis on strength and durability. On missions from Baffin Island to Patagonia when light is right, the Camalot Ultralight is essential.



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