Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet

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  • Hybrid design with molded EPS foam, generous ventilation and highly adjustable suspension system
  • Suspension's custom wheel adjuster allows for improved fine-tuning of fit
  • Headlamp clips are the most secure headlamp attachments on the market
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • The most durable helmet Black Diamond makes
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Black Diamond
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Completely redesigned from the ground up, the Black Diamond Half Dome is the evolution of Black Diamond Equipment's most popular climbing helmet. With an improved fit and weight savings of more than 40 grams over the original, the Half Dome is an all-purpose workhorse ideal for everything from trad cragging to alpine expeditions. Also added is a custom-designed wheel adjuster for quick, secure and precise adjustments.



Good quality - will use for outdoor rock climbing.


I ordered the BD Half Dome purely on brand quality and reliability across various equipment they sell. As with all BD gear, it's very well thought out and obvious they field test and implement feedback from users. I would recommend this helmet to anyone who needs to protect his/her noggin. It's light weight and comfortable, easy to adjust.


I have only had my Half Dome for a short while now and it has proven well so far. I used it on Kelso Ridge on Torreys Peak in Colorado and when a small rock fall occurred from a climber above me, it did what it was built to do and left with a couple of scratches. The same happened a few days later when traversing the Crestones in Colorado's Sangre de Cristos; my Half Dome kept me safe there as well.


For ~ $60, this helmet is a hell of a deal. The inside cups my heads perfectly and is very comfy and the straps and buckle aren't flimsy or poorly constructed. The dial on the back of the helmet is awesome; you can use it to fine tune a tight fit on your head. The ventilation slats in the top of the helmet breath correctly and the headlamp clasp-things on the front are a really nice feature.The color schemes are cool too. I'm using this for mountaineering and the bright colors help make me nice and visible against the snow (except for the white one of course).Overall, I can't complain!


For years I used an oversized Edelrid helmet with my university outdoor recreation department. Because of this I stopped using helmets because they were cumbersome and inhibitive. Having recently decided to start getting on rope again with my Fiancee, I decided I needed to keep her (and myself) as safe as possible. I bought these helmets because I figured I wouldn't be spending a lot of money at least.Once they got here and I tried it on, I couldn't be happier. They fit like a ball cap and don't ride forward at all. They are really light and I can't beat the price I paid for them. I would recommend these helmets to anyone.Now I can go out and feel safe and not worry that my helmet will interfere with the climb.


Black Diamond had always been at the top of my climbing equipment list. The half dome helmet is no exception. Extremely light, extremely comfortable, breezy, easy adjustments are all reasons to buy this helmet. I am a member of a Search and Rescue team in northern Illinois and wear this thing all day long with no issues. Definitely a great price. You can spend triple and up if you want, but with a name like Black Diamond, you can't go wrong.

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