Black Diamond Momentum SA Harness



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Short Description
  • Pre-threaded SpeedAdjust buckle on waistbelt
  • Bullhorn-shaped OpenAir waistbelt built using Dual Core Construction
  • Patent-pending trakFIT leg adjustment for easy, worry-free adjustability of OpenAir leg loops
  • Adjustable releasable rear elastic riser
  • 12 kN-rated haul loop
Brand Name
Black Diamond
Style Name
Whether tackling the first route of the day or belaying a friend on their final assault in the dying light of late afternoon you want a climbing harness that stays comfortable, is multi-purposed, and ultra-durable. The Black Diamond Momentum SA Harness fulfills all these expectations and then some. A unique lightweight duel-core construction of open air foam reinforced with bands of high strength webbing creates a belt that screams all day comfort. Pressure points will be a thing of the past, luxurious breathability a welcomed part of your future. Black Diamond's trakFIT leg loop adjustment system and the speed adjust waist buckle means a quick exact fit every time, insuring you spend less time on the ground, fiddling with harness adjustments, and more time exploring vertical possibilities.



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