Black Diamond Momentum SA Package

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Short Description
  • Momentum SA harness
  • ATC belay/rappel device
  • RockLock Screwgate carabiner
  • BD chalk bag
  • BD White Gold chalk
Brand Name
Black Diamond
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Has the thought crossed your mind that it's high time you quit relying on friends to deck you out when head for the those granite high places? Well the Black Diamond Momentum SA Package is a great place to start. This small package of essentials includes: The Momentum SA harness, built with comfort and ease of adjustment firmly in mind; the Black Diamond ATC belay/rappel device, a sleek, light, no nonsense device suited for a variety of climbing situations; one Rocklock Screwgate carabiner, the largest locking carabiner Black Diamond offers, perfect for belaying, rappelling, and creating anchors you can count on; and a Black Diamond chalk bag and chalk so you can sail, with little worry of slipping, through even the gnarlest of vertical dances. Tap into almost 80 years of climbing expertise, not a bad way to start your own climbing journey.



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