Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain - 18mm

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Black Diamond
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Big walls inspire many things: a sense of awe, a feeling of epicness, a reaction of "Now THAT'S a rock." And, for those crazy souls among us who enjoy scaling those massive heights, a need for unwavering trust in their climbing protection, from cams to nuts. When you want protection that purposefully leaves you hanging, hitch yourself to a Black Diamond Nylon Daisy Chain. A mere 18mm width with a generous 140cm length is a perfectly efficient pairing for big-wall clipping, with a half-twist sewn bottom loop for clean girth hitching. How does 3.5 oz of material withstand 16 kN of force? We’re pretty sure it’s magic-much like the superhumans who scale big walls in the first place.



I use daisy chains for a number of uses when I'm climbing crags outside. These are GREAT, and work perfectly. Very strong, and surprisingly resistant to wear/tear. Size is accurate, and product description is spot-on. I will be purchasing again for sure!I REALLY wish you could choose color of your purchase, but I guess there has to be some level of trade-off for this fantastic price!

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