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  • Bliz Hydro Lens Technology delivers PERFECT CURVE, MAX UV-PROTECTION, X-PC SHATTER PROOF, HYDROPHOBIC, ANTI SCRATCH and when desired MULTICOATING or POLARIZED in one great lens
  • This highly flexible high-tech material provides very low weight and excellent performance in any weather condition
  • The detachable Side Shields prevent unwanted wind and light from entering the eye
  • The temples in Rubber Wire Core allows you to adjust the glasses for a more tight fit around your head
  • The adjustable and stretchable strap allows you to secure the glasses on to your head even more
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Tracker Ozon's unique frame shape, personalization and versatility make it as likely to be worn while Alpine Touring or Trail running, as to be worn while relaxing at a sidewalk cafe, or at the beach. The Ozon takes the best of Bliz's award winning Tracker; its removable Jaw Bone, click-in goggle type head band, and soft, infinitely adjustable nosepieces and temples for perfect ventilated fit and personalization and adds a taller lens and frame plus Jaw Bone wings while keeping its distinctive flatter frame look. Use Tracker with Jaw Bone for full frame look or without Jaw Bone for 1/2 frame personalization depending on your taste. Tracker Ozone can be had with bright light and a low light Perfect Curve lens kits, a Gold Polarized lens, or the Universal ULS lens and weighs only 31 grams.



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