BlueWater Dyna Dog Leash - Large

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Short Description
  • Made of high quality mountaineering rope
  • A unique sewn termination to make it stronger, more durable, reduce weight
  • Eco-Friendly leashes are upcycled from new, clean short dynamic climbing rope sections
  • Sewn with heavy duty industrial 227 Nylon thread for a chew resistant termination
  • A corrosion resistant chrome plated spring snap hook for the pet end
Brand Name
BlueWater Ropes
Your pooch is your best friend, sticking by your side like your shadow wherever you go. Why not give him the best when you go on walkies? Bluewater ropes "upcycles" short 6' sections of their dynamic climbing ropes into these super-strong dog leashes. Considering you can take a serious whipper on these lines, we're sure they can withstand your mutt's enthusiastic yanking. The 7" loop handle and snap-hook end are stitched with industrial-strength 277 nylon thread that laughs at determined chewers. The BlueWater Dyna Leash will be your go-to leash for walkies for as long as your best friend is there wagging his way into your heart.



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