Bluewater Hyalite 9.4mm Climbing Rope

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Short Description
  • Impact Force: Single 8.3 kN, Half 6.6 kN
  • UIAA Falls Held: Single 7, Half 16
  • Elongation: Static 4.2%, Dynamic 32%
  • Sheath Slippage: 0mm
  • Sheath Mass: 36%
Brand Name
BlueWater Ropes
Style Name
BlueWater engineers worked in conjunction with Conrad Anker to design the all new Hyalite Rope. Available in longer lengths which allows one to lower off and do top rope climbs without a secondary rope. The Hyalite Rope features BlueWater's superior Double Dry treatment in order to shed water and protect the rope under adverse conditions. The high-contrast Bi-Color pattern makes it easy to know where the mid-point is, even in low light conditions. Rated for use as a Single or Half rope.



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