Camp Air CR Climbing Harness - Closeout

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  • World's lightest harness with adjustable leg loops
  • Edge-Load Construction on the waist and legs
  • Pre-Threaded Buckles on the waist and legs
  • Patented Flat Link elastic straps connecting the waist and legs
  • 4 webbing reinforced gear loops and a chalk bag loop
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Climbing can be hard work, so don't let your harness weigh you down any more than your quickdraws and protection already do. Take a tip from the backpackers: go ultralight. While strapped into the camp Air CR, you'll get all the support of a heavy-duty harness in the world's most minimal design--seriously, it weighs just half a pound. Perforated EVA foam is bonded to polyester and nylon mesh via edge-load construction, taking a load off without sacrificing durability and breathability. Camp's patented Flat Link elastic straps and No-Twist belay device loop combine with new adjustable leg loops for a snugly customizable fit that lays flat. Between the Camp Air CR's fit and the weight (or lack thereof), you'll almost forget you're wearing a harness--all the better to help you fly up that route.



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