Camp Cassin X-Draw - Photon

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  • Engages at 2.5kN and reduces the impact of a factor 1 fall by up to 50%
  • Rubber keepers hold the biners securely in place
  • Nylon shell protects the stitching from the elements
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Take it easy on your ice screws and marginal trad placements. The new X-Draw shock absorbing ice draws reduce the impact of a fall using a special construction that forces the draw to rip apart into a large open loop when a fall exceeds 2.5kN. The energy of the fall is absorbed and dissipates as the stitches rip apart thereby increasing the chances that the protection will hold. With a factor 1 fall using an 80kg (175lbs) test weight and a 10mm dynamic rope, the impact force is reduced from up to 5.5kN down to an incredible 2.5-3.5kN. The open loop is still rated to 22kN once the shock absorbing stitches have been ripped apart completely.

A rubber keeper on the rope end keeps the clipping biner securely in place. The nylon shell protects the stitching from the elements and the Dyneema® main loop is hydrophobic so it does not weaken as much as nylon when wet or frozen.

The Photon Wire is the lightest full-size carabiner in the world and clips with a kind of bliss that makes gloves and cold fingers more managable on the sharp end.



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