Camp Nano 23 Carabiner



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Short Description
  • World's lightest full-strength carabiner!
  • Significantly reduces weight and bulk on any rack
  • Major: 20 kN, Minor: 7 kN, Open: 7 kN
  • Gate Opening: 23 mm
  • Weight: 23 g, 0.81 oz
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The lightest carabiner in the world! CAMP has achieved carabiner perfection by taking away everything possible while maintaining the safety and performance standards of the worlds most technical climbers. The wire gate has good clipping action and clearance. The Nano 23 is an excellent choice for alpine and trad climbing where reductions in weight can realistically increase the chances for success. The Nano 23 is also ideal for anchoring at the top of sport climbs because the nose gets into and out of chains without snagging



I'm using this for hammock camping where I need to use some carabiners. regular climbing ones are too big and heavy. This fit the bill perfectly and has the strength of a larger carabiner. Would purchase more


As a female climber with small hands, this is my absolute favorite biner - and not just for racking. I use them on my draws (regular and extendable), and for me, they are perfectly sized for clipping the rope through. Compared to other micro biners (like those by Metolius) the gate opening is a (very important) bit larger, while they are both lighter and cheaper.Another reviewer mentioned the gate pin being sharp - mine aren't and I have a ton of them. Lots of my climbing friends do as well. Never heard of anyone having a problem with the pin catching slings or anything else.


I have been climbing since the early 1990's, when pitons were still being used & you had massive amount of heavy carabineers on your rack: I remember the weight of our racks on all these long approaches, you had to be a marathon runner just to be fit enough to reach the base of certain climbs! I finally took the time out to get some super light webbing & a box full of Camp Nano 23's biners & started loving climbing again. I have effectively reduced the weight of my rack by 2/3rds! Amazing, They are as strong as heavier biners & very trustworthy I can't imagine buying any other brand.

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