Camp Nylon Daisy Chain Twist

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Short Description
  • Spiral construction addresses the dangerous consequences of cross-clipping loops
  • Loops: 48": 9; 54": 11
  • Strength: 22kN
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 48": 120g/4.23oz; 54": 135g/4.76oz
Brand Name
Style Name
The spiral construction of the Daisy Chain Twist addresses one of the main concerns with traditional daisy chains where the user clips a single carabiner through two loops creating a situation where they are secured by nothing more than the single bar tack between the loops instead of the 22 kN strength of the entire loop. Robust 16 mm polyester construction with special machine-driven bar tacks distribute the load multi-directionally. Available in 2 lengths (48 and 54 inches/122 and 137 cm) and 2 colors (gray/orange and gray/white) for optimal organization.



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