Camp Photon Mixed Express Nylon Quickdraw - 11cm - 5 Pack

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  • The best choice for all-around rock climbing
  • Equipped with a straight gate keylocker for bolts and a bent gate wire for the rope
  • 16 mm nylon dogbones in 11, 15 and 20 cm lengths
  • 11 cm - 75 g, 2.6 oz - 15 cm - 78 g 2.8 oz - 20 cm - 81 g, 2.9 oz
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A combination of the best new carabiners on the market. The Photon straight gate has a keylock nose and large gate opening to help with cleaning on overhanging and wandering routes. The bent wire gate offers pure clipping bliss with its finely contoured gate and massive gate opening. Nylon dogbones hold biners in place on the sharp end and are thick enough to grab for emergency clips.



So far I've been very impressed with these Quickdraws. My measuring stick isn't steller due to these being the first set I've bought.\n\nI would tell all my climbing friends about this product.\n\nThe quality seems to be there. Like stated above, not sure what high quality is vs. lower quality. It is high enough quality for me to go climb on and not have any doubts on whether or not it will catch me.

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