Camp Start Half-Finger Belay Gloves

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  • Great for: Belaying, Rappeling, Via Ferrata
  • All wear points are reinforced for maximum durability
  • Full synthetic construction for wet or hot conditions
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 65g/2.3oz
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It's the dialogue every roped climber's familiar with: "Take! Clipping! Climbing! Oh sh--FALLING!" Hopefully, when you're the one on the belay device, you're ready for a soft catch--and hopefully you've got a pair of Camp Start Belay Gloves over your digits. Don't get caught red-handed from rope burn: these full synthetic gloves shield your palms from rope friction while giving you gecko-like grip to keep that climbing rope under your control, even when the weather's wet or your palms are sweating (although the material is breathable, so the latter isn't very likely). All high-wear points are reinforced for maximum durability, and the gloves themselves are lightweight and comfortable; slip them on, and you'll wonder how you ever belayed bare-handed. With Camp Start Belay Gloves, you can feel confident when you holler out "GOT YOU!"



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