Conditioning for Climbers: The Complete Exercise Guide

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Rock climbing is one of the most physically challenging sports, testing strength, flexibility, and stamina. To improve in the sport, climbers must build and maintain each of these assets. Conditioning for Climbers is the first book to help climbers of all ages and experience design and follow their own comprehensive, personalized exercise program.

Part I covers the basics of physical conditioning, including tools for self assessment and goal-setting.

Part II takes readers through warm-up and flexibility routines, entry-level strength training, weight-loss tips, and core-conditioning exercises.

Part III covers climbing-specific conditioning, including exercises that develop power, endurance, balance, and stability.

Part IV shows how to put together a customized conditioning program for bouldering, sport, and multi-pitch climbing.

Also inside:
  • Principles of effective conditioning
  • Eight self-assessment tests
  • Flexibility and core-conditioning exercises
  • Climbing-specific exercises for fingers, arms, and upper torso
  • Sample workout schedules for beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers
  • Twelve-month training tracker
  • Basics of performance nutrition
  • Insider's take on avoiding injury
  • Powerful rest and recovery strategies



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