Connelly Cadet Combo Skis - Kid's

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  • Features a wide design with a large surface area and Connelly Tracking System for quicker planning,Construction: Reinforced composite,Binding Option: Child Slide-Type Adjustable,Sizes: 2 x 45". / 115 cm,Fin: Glass filled nylon
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Start them young! Your job is easy with a pair of Cadet trainers. This set features a wide design with a large surface area and C.T.S. (Connelly Tracking System) for quicker planning. A removable stabilizer bar holds the skis the proper distance apart to ensure control and confidence while learning. A two handle rope system lets an adult safely control the pull from the boat. It is directly connected to the skis where the child and the skis each share a portion of the load. Teach your kids how to ski the first time, with this easy to use instructional tool. The cadet training system is an easy and fun experience from start to finish that your family will enjoy.

Construction: Reinforced composite

Binding Option: Child Slide-Type Adjustable

Sizes: 2 x 45" / 115 cm

Fin: Glass filled nylon



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