Connelly Voyage Combo Skis

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  • Easy to use and super fun skis with a slightly wider frame that adds stability,Construction: Reinforced composite,Binding Option: Slide-Type Adjustable,Sizes: 2 x 64" / 163 cm or 2 x 68" / 173 cm,Fin: Glass filled nylon
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The all new Voyage combo skis are easy to use and super fun. The traditional shape has a slightly wider frame, especially under the bindings and back to the tail. The extra surface area makes is easy to get out of the water and adds stability to the skis. Added step technology through the tunnels to reduce drag, giving the skis a free maneuvering feeling. Beveled tips take some height out of the sidewall making it easier to initiate turns. All of these pieces come together in a perfect blend of stability and performance. Offer the Voyage pair in 2 different sizes, 64" and 68", making it easy to find the skis that are right for you.

Construction: Reinforced composite

Binding Option: Slide-Type Adjustable

Sizes: 2 x 64" / 163 cm or 2 x 68" / 173 cm

Fin: Glass filled nylon



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