Contour Watersports Kit + ContourROAM Camera

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  • Waterproof and Buoyant �_�� The ContourROAM Watersports Kit is buoyant and waterproof up to 60 meters. Built to withstand the toughest underwater environments.
  • Cost Effective �_�� This kit offers a $30 Retail savings over purchasing the camera, accessory and mount individually.
  • Easy To Use �_�� Slide the Instant On-Record Switch forward and the ContourROAM immediately powers on and starts recording.
  • Beautiful HD Video �_�� The ContourROAM features a 170��_ wide angle lens that captures stunning HD video or still photos.
  • Fully Adjustable �_�� The Surfboard Mount can be rotated 360��_ and is easily adjustable with wet or cold hands.
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The ContourROAM Watersports Kit is the all-in-one package that contains everything you need to capture beautiful action video while engaged in your favorite water-based sport. It includes the easy to use ContourROAM, a Surfboard Mount, and the ContourROAM Waterproof Case. It provides the perfect combination of camera plus accessories to capture your water adventure in action �_�� anywhere, anytime.



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