Crumpler The Gypsy Moth Cosmetics Case - Mid Grey/Purple



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Short Description
  • Single, full-width cargo space with zippered opening
  • Waterproof base
  • Dimension: 21x12x8cm / 8.27x4.72x3.15in
  • Volume: 0.5L / 30.51cuin
  • Weight: 0.1kg / 0.22lb
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The Gypsy Moth Pouch is both a good thing in a small package, and a small package into which good things like your cosmetics, small e-vices, cables and tech-sessories, even your pens and pencils can go. It features a single, full-width zippered compartment for ease of access, and a protective combo of waxed canvas outer and waterproof patent vinyl base to ensure your contents remain content.

DIY personalisation - a strategically placed loop at the front of the pouch lets you personalize your Gypsy Moth Pouch any way you like. Wabi-sabi wot nots, lucky charms, trinkets, miniature sporting mascots, souvenir teaspoons - the choice is yours.

You won't find Crumpler's trademark black buckles, loops, snap hooks and zipper grippers on the Gypsy Moth, but you will find our first ever collection of pearl finished metal fittings. Very Tiffany dahlink.

Waterproof base - fear ye not of wet spots. The base of your Gypsy Moth is made from patent vinyl, a material that combines rip-defying strength with puddle-defying waterproofness.



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