DMM Big Boa 25kN Locking Screw Gate 3 Color Pack (Fall 2012)

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Short Description
  • Ultra strong, large clean nose HMS locking biner
  • Ideal for rigging; can accommodate multiple knots
  • Easy to handle in gloves
  • In colour packs for easy identification
  • Specs: Weight: 83g, Major Axis: 25 kN, Minor Axis: 10kN, Open Gate: 8 kN, Gate Opening: 25mm
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A favorite of mountain guides and outdoor schools alike, the DMM Big Boa Locking Screw Gate Carabiner is a practical, light, and utilitarian piece of gear. Whether you are hanging top-ropes for friends out at the Thin Wall in Joshua Tree or in need of a sturdy carabiner at your masterpoint while you haul the bags up to Camp V, the DMM Big Boa Locking Screw Gate Carabiner is up for the job. Rated to 25kN and color-coded for those who want to stay even more organized at the crag or on the wall.



Super solid giant locking dees. Great price and free 2 day shipping.

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