DMM Mamba Quickdraw



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Short Description
  • Original hot forged captive sport climbing biner
  • Captive quickdraw design to aid clipping and maintain correct orientation
  • Available as the Mamba Single with 16mm nylon tape in a 12cm length; or as the Mamba Double (2 carabiners with a 16mm nylon tape in a 12 cm length)
  • Strength: 23kN (closed); 10kN (open)
  • Weight: 62g/110g
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This is the original and revolutionary hot forged biner which took over the world of sport climbing in the 90s.

The Mamba remains a popular choice today little wonder when you consider its sleek clipping action and neat 'captive' quickdraw design.

It is available as a full quickdraw set with a bent and straight gate biner at either end, or alternatively, with the option of adding a different sort of biner or maillon to the bolt clipping end of the quickdraw.



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