DMM Tom Cat Harness - Kid's One Size

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Short Description
  • Children's fully featured adjustable leg padded sit harness
  • Internal lumber support
  • Adjustable leg loops use a Slide Lock buckle system to give a secure fit with stacks of adjustment potential
  • Waist(cm) 50-75; Waist(in) 20-30; Leg(cm)23-55; Weight(g) 330
  • Waist buckle is a Slide Lock design
Brand Name
Part Number
Size Name
One Size
This neat little harness has virtually all the same features as the top of the range Renegade. This means the same floating waist system, ensuring a comfortable fit and correct positioning of the gear loops. It also means the same rounded off, low profile buckles, with a huge amount of adjustment - the latter point being especially useful given the alarming speed that kids grow. The only thing we really had to change was the number of gear loops. Somehow two seemed more appropriate than the seven you get on a Renegade!



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