Drymax Skiing Ultra Thin Over Calf Sock

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  • Protective shin padding and anti-bunching instep,Smooth top stays in place,Dual layers knit toether keeps feet dry,Flat toe seam
  • arch band
  • lower leg band and Y-heel improves fit and keeps sock in place,Color-coded size mark on toe for easy match-up after laundering
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Rise Style
Knee High
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Skiing is one winter's most fun activities, but even in cold weather, skiers typically sweat a lot. Ski boots & socks have long been known for becoming wet, cold and uncomfortable which can ruin the fun and bring about real problems. Wet socks are a skier's worst enemy, especially in cold or freezing temperatures. Wet socks pull heat away from the skin 23 times faster than dry socks; this can reduce skin temperature so rapidly that wet feet become painfully cold and are much more susceptible to frostbite and chafing. Staying dry is critical for remaining warm, comfortable and safe in cold weather.

The laws of physics dictate; no single fiber technology can attract and repel moisture at the same time. To overcome this, Drymax Ski socks utilize two different fiber technologies interwoven together. This Dual Layer design creates a self-contained Moisture Removal System keeping feet dry & comfortable in cold conditions. This self-contained system is very important because the ski boot's enclosed environment gives moisture no chance of evaporating.



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