DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel

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  • Steady Port Pressure Porting: Trademark muzzle port design is a key feature that gives DYE barrels unparalleled accuracy and a low sound signature
  • Stainless Steel Insert: At the heard of the CF and GF Boomstick is a gun drilled, surgical grade, 303 stainless steel insert. This gives you the smoothest and straightest surface finish. 303 stainless steel is extremely high quality material that is both corrosion and scratch resistant
  • Two-Piece Construction: DYE's innovative CF and GF Structural Wrap construction has set a new standard for lightweight performance
  • GF Barrels are produced in Cocker/Matrix marker threads
  • Available in 15". Bore sizes 0.684 and 0.688
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DYE Precision
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The new DYE GF Boomstick&reade; is the next evolution of the Legendary Dye barrel lines. Glass Fiber "GF" barrels are constructed using the same proprietary assembly process as the tried & true Carbon Fiber "CF" barrels but makes use of our new Glass Fiber "GF" Technology. This allows for amazing strength and durability, and complete customization of color. This unique fusion of materials and Dye's 20 years of barrel experience have produced yet another progression in performance of our barrel line. Just like the "CF Series" barrels, the "GF Series" barrels features an optimum back length of eight inches allowing the paintball to reach terminal velocity before porting begins to optimize performance. The GF/CF Boomstick&reade; lines are the most accurate, quiet, and efficient barrels currently available.



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