DYE Precision Performance Assault Harness

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Short Description
  • Secondary pod loops in 3+4 or 4+5 capacity sizes
  • Rubber Traction: A large section of rubber traction helps keep your harness in place. It grips your pants and jersey, keeping your pack in place
  • Ejector Release Loops: The cupped neoprene ejector loops create a downward tension on the pods to assist in the smooth extraction of your pods
  • Comfort Adjustment Belt: The first belt that goes across your wasit distributes the weight of the loaded harness
  • Quick Release Handles: Compression formed pod straps are lighter and have been set to the perfect length, eliminating excess material and weight. Features ambidextrous tabs
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DYE Precision
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Carrying paint on the field should not be something for the player to focus on during competition. 55MPH Velcro combined with Memory Elastic and Rubber Traction keep the Assault Harness in place. Pods can be swiftly removed from the harness with the use of the Quick Release Handles and Cupped Neoprene Ejector Loops. Depending on the format of competition, the Assault Harness provides versatility with secondary pod loops in a 3+4 or 4+5 capacity.



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