Dynafit TLT 6 Mountain CR Ski Boot



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Alpine Skiing
The high level choice for skiers who demand the best boots for clim- bing, walking agile and get a reliable and comfortable boot for every kind of activity with superior skiing abilities. Compared to Mountain Custom Light version, this style fits early more comfortable, is more downhill powerful thanks to a surrounding last and a stiffer tongue, more reliable thanks to abrasion resistant fabrics. Fast touring, chal- lenging descents or classical alpine climbing on ice and mixed, TLT6 Mountain CR is one of the most complete models of our collection.

Ultra-Lock System 2.0
The new articulated cuff buckle Ultra-Lock System 2.0, which, when compared to the previous version, reduces lateral snag, unhampering the transition from Ski to Walk mode and reverse.

Driving Spoiler 2.0

The rear spoiler (patent pending) slides inside the cuff, allowing the widest and smoothest cuff rotation possible. Once the Ultra-Lock system is closed, it becomes locked with the cuff, building a super-stiff downhill structure. It also alleviates friction between the cuff and inner liner, which keeps the heel in place for better walk-ability and no blisters. The new metal spoiler insert allows the user to adjust forward lean by simply removing or reassembling two fastening Torx screws.



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