Edelrid Deadpoint Crash pad, Night/Oasis (Black/Green)

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  • Includes sit start pad
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An uncompromising crash pad for maximum safety and cushioning. With a surface area of 140 x 115 cm the Dead Point is one of the biggest taco-style pads on the market. The seamless taco design provides optimal fall protection, and the layered construction of varying densities of shock absorbing foam makes this the ideal landing spot for bold boulders. Features include side straps to allow you to store all your other gear inside the pad, shoulder straps, and foot mat. Also, includes the Sit Start Pad! The compact Sit Start is the perfect launch pad for difficult and awkward boulder starts or as additional support on a larger crash pad. The practical foot mat in the middle of the pad keeps your shoe soles dry and clean. The alternating open and closed-cell foam construction makes for comfortable fall cushioning. Due to its small size and light weight you can take the Sit Start everywhere.



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