Edelrid Liner Rope Bag - Night/Oasis

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The Liner is a no-frills rope bag that provides excellent value for the money. The large tarp has two tie in points. It includes a shoulder strap and Clip fix buckles.



Great bag at a good price. Good for slinging on your pack if you have more than just a rope to carry around. Easy to fold up with plenty of room for my 70m rope.


I recommend this rope bag to everyone. It is excellent quality, rolls out to a decent sized tarp, and I have 2X 70 meter ropes in it and it closes with no problems. Just an awesome bag!


Rolls out into a nice tarp and has multiple loops in side to tie off the ends of your rope. Plenty of space for an additional rope if you carry more than one. Had this bag for over a month now and no complaints. It does have plastic clips that if broken might be difficult to replace/repair but as long as they don't get smashed I don't see any problems.


Simple, no-frills, bells or whistles. Has a long enough strap that allows me to sling the bag across my back. I have an 60m Edelrid 10.1 Cobra gym rope and this bag takes it like a champ. Probably has enough room for another 60m rope. I could stuff my shoes, harness and belay device in there but I have another bag for that.

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