Edelrid Python TouchTec 10.0mm Climbing Rope

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Short Description
  • TouchTec: the belayer will both feel and see the end of the rope coming.
  • Diameter: 10.0mm
  • UIAA Falls: 7
  • Weight: 64 g/m
  • Available in 60, and 70m lengths
Brand Name
Style Name
A classic Edlerid rope - now with additional security.

TouchTec is an Edelrid braiding process (patent pending) for the sheath of climbing ropes. It produces different performance characteristics that can be seen as well as felt. The technology is applied to a section at each end of the rope. The first and last five meters have a distinct marking and are tactilely different to the rest of the rope. This means that the belayer automatically sees and feels the end of the rope approaching when lowering their partner. TouchTec reduces the risk of accidents when lowering and makes the management of the rope easier.

The different sheath sections are produced by weaving a strand that has a slightly textured surface and a distinctive color into the sheath at the last five meters of both ends. The belayer will both feel and see the end of the rope coming.



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