Edelrid Solid Full Body Harness - Night/Oasis

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  • Clip in buckles on leg loops allow the harness to be fully opened, making it easier to put on
  • Chest harness and sit harness in different colours for easier and safer identification. Leg loops marked with left and right tabs.
  • 2 gear loops
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The Solid is a lightweight full body harness ideally suited for Via Ferrata. The clip in buckles allow the harness to be completely opened and put on like a jacket, which is advantageous when the harness has to be put on in steep terrain or when wearing mountaineering boots or crampons. For clarity, there is color differentiation between waist and leg webbing and left-right tabs on the leg loops. Gear loops allow Via Ferrata sets and other pieces of gear to be clipped out of the way when not needed.



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