Edelrid Swift 8.9mm Climbing Rope

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Short Description
  • Certified as a single, double, or twin rope
  • Diameter: 8.9mm
  • UIAA Falls: 5 (single), 22 (double), 22 (twin)
  • Not suitable for working routes or top roping
  • Available in 60, 70, and 80m lengths
Brand Name
Style Name
One rope - three certifications. With its 8.9 mm diameter, the Swift is one of the skinniest single ropes on the market. It is a single rope, double rope and twin rope all in one.

Thermo Shield™
The Thermo Shield treatment has been in use for more than 20 years. Thermo Shield is a thermal stabilizing process for the rope that gives it the famous Edelrid handling characteristics and feel. The rope undergoes a heat treatment cure to stabilize and harmonize the individual yarns. This treatment cannot be washed out and ensures a supple rope throughout its working life.

Dry Shield™
Dry Shield is a chemical finish for the sheath yarns. The finish is resistant to washing-out, providing a long lasting oleo and hydrophobic coating that keeps water, oily substances and dirt off the fibers. Together with the Thermo Shield treatment, the Dry Shield optimizes handling, abrasion resistance and performance. This all helps to improve the lifespan of the rope.

Pro Shield™
With the Pro Shield finish every single core and sheath yarn is covered with a synthetic fluoropolymer coating that is stable and nontoxic. The microscopic fluoropolymer particles are bonded to the yarns by an electro-checmical process forming an impermiable protective layer. This both reduces the friction between the individual yarns and in creases the sliding properties of these yarns, which substantially improves the rope's loading properties. This helps the rope to withstand the external forces (falls) exerted upon it during climbing. Additionally, the rope is well protected against moist and dirty conditions.



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