Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe (2014 Closeout)



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  • The ultimate performance climbing shoe developed from the ground up by Chris Sharma ideal for hard sport climbing and bouldering on steep terrain.
  • Downturned asymmetric with the knuckle box Two piece 4.2 mm TRAX® High Friction Rubber
  • VTR3D variable thickness toe rand
  • High friction toe patch
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Designed by Chris Sharma, a man who probably spends more time "walking vertical" then horizontal, and combining several exclusive technologies the Evolv Shaman is for those discerning climbers looking to take it to a whole new level. The "Love Bump" midsole fills unsupported space behind the toes and puts your forefoot in a position of stabilized power. The big toe "knuckle box" gives needed working room allowing it to stay in a strong position. Combine these two innovations with a dead space eliminating sock-like fit and what do you get? You get everything you've been looking for. You get better positioning, better gripping, better power� A better climb. Winner of the Editor's Choice award form both Climbing and Urban Climber magazines, these shoes make their home in that highly sought after, but rarely attained country where comfort and extraordinary performance cross paths. Make it your home too.



\nI like these shoes a lot. They are very comfortable


Cool shoe, buy half size up.


Great Bouldering Shoe, but toes a nice line between comfort and performance.


Love this shoe. I have bought these in the past and have loved them. Very aggressive bouldering shoe, I especially love the way heal hooks feel in these. I wear a street size U.S. 12 and got these in an 11.5 in the past and found them to be a bit too tight for my long toes.


This is an amazing shoe. It runs small, so make sure you size up. I use these on the wall and on granite walls in Arizona. They are thick, and a comfortable


I use these to climb at my local Climbing Gym. They are an amazing shoe. I recommend these to anyone that climbs a lot, and is looking for a well made shoe.


The shoes fit perfectly, and the downturn works well for the steeps of Rumney. Highly recommended!

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