Five Ten Spire Climbing Shoe (Closeout)

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  • Stealth C4 Rubber
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Five Ten
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Every year, the Spire is the best-selling rock shoe in the U.S. It's the perfect all-around climbing shoe, engineered for the climber seeking ultimate value, unmatched comfort, versatile performance and premier materials.



I bought these shoes for mostly indoor climbing. I am basically a noob when it comes to climbing. As my skills improve i will use them a bit outdoor as well.\n\nAs a beginner I was caught in the whirlwind of climbing shoe options. I am not skilled enough to need anything super aggressive yet, and from my limited understanding, even skilled folks don't wear super aggressive shoes all of the time. These shoes seemed to fit my needs well.\n\nAfter 2 weeks of wearing in the gym 4-5 days a week:\n\nI ordered a size down. They were very tight at first, but these shoes stretch. They have stretched to the point where they fit my foot perfectly. If you can stand your foot being cramped in for a couple sessions, these shoes will stretch and custom fit to your foot. Having that kind of fit has helped give me more confidence. The lace up system is also great for adjusting the shoe to shape of my foot. \n\nNo bleeding of color onto my foot, so no smurf foot for me.\n\n\nGreat shoes, would definitely buy again.

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