Fixe Powers Glue Capsule

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Short Description
  • High strength adhesive anchoring system
  • Pre-measured chemical component volumes - no waste and simplified placement
  • fast cure minimizes downtime
  • glass capsule fragments scrape and roughens hold during installation
  • Components are missed mechanically during installation of rod or rebar
Brand Name
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Powers Fasteners Chem-Stud Capsule. The anchor system consists of self contained two-part glass capsules and matching chisel pointed anchor rods which are installing using a rotary hammer and rod adapters. The Chum-Stud adhesive, is an ester based resin material Packaged in Single used glass capsules designed for installation of 3/8" through 1-1/2" threaded rods in solid concrete and masonry materials. It can also be used with reinforcing bars.



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