Fixe SS Wedge Bolting Kit

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  • 6750lbs / 30kn CE/UIAA Certified
  • 10,000lbs / 44kn Ultimate Breaking Strength
  • 4mm Stock
  • 3/8" / 10mm Bolt Hole
  • 3/8" Bolts TORQUE TO: 25 Foot Pounds / 35Nm
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The FIXE #038 Stainless Steel Hanger is currently the strongest hanger available, rated at 10,000. Model #038 will accomodate two carabiners, has three dimples to help prevent spinning and is cut from 4mm 304 stainless. This hanger has become the industry standard and is used in rope access and military personnel, the rigging and entertainment industry and can be found at cliffs across the North America.

FIXE Wedge Bolts are designed for rockclimbing. We use (A-304) Stainless Steel rod stock to manufacture our Stainless Steel Models. The threads are stamped, not milled to ensure the highest possible strength. All INOX models include a stainless nut, washer and rubber washer.

Double Wedge Bolts have two expansion points

The FIXE hand drill accepts standard SDS drill bits. Consists of an anti-vibration rubber grip. The drill bit is secured by two allen screws. Requires no batteries!

SDS Plus drill bits are carbide tipped and can be resharpened. Note: All SDS drill bits have a lifespan. As the carbide shoulders of the bit wear, the diameter of the hole decreases.

The FIXE SS Wedge Bolting Kit Includes:
#038-3/8 SS Hanger (10)
#804-140 3/8 x 2 3/4 SS Wedge Bolt (6)
#803-240 3/8 x 3 1/2 SS Wedge Bolt (4)
#371 Hand Drill (1)
#S803 3/8 x 6 SDS Drillbit (2)
#8799 Adjustable Wrench (1)
#8998 Blowout Tube (1)
#8989 Deuce Bolting Bag (1)
#8771 Safety Glasses (1)
#7931 Bolting Brush
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