Flow Rush ABT Snowboard - Men's (F2012 Closeout)

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  • A.B.T.

    Augmented Base Technology (A.B.T.) is the first 3D augmented base that adapts to any terrain. Flow has added silicone inserts that absorb impact, reduce vibration and deliver the smoothest ride ever. A.B.T. moves naturally providing a more stable platform, whether landing a jump, hitting a rail or just riding through variable snow conditions
  • Length:153|156|159
    Effective Length(MM):119|120.6|122.6
    Waist Width(MM):24.8|24.9|25.4
    Tip Length(MM):19.2|19.9|20.4
    Tail Length(MM):19.2|19.9|20.4
    Sidecut Radius(MM):8.5-7.4-7.7-7.4-8.5|8.6-7.5-7.8-7.5-8.6|8.7-7.6-7.9-7.6-8.7
    Min/Max Rider Weight(kg):57-88|61-88|63-88+
  • Reflex Core:Flow's lightest and most responsive core gives you the highest strength-to-weight wood construction known to man. Focused response where you need it, and more low-to-mid-density woods in specificlocations throughout the board increase strength while decreasing weight, and make your ride all that much easier.
  • 3D-Transitional Sidecut:Smooth with tons of grip, 3D Transitional sidecut blend is uniquely different between the feet, mellow for I-Rock and super tight for Pop-Cam boards. Mellow tips and aggressive radius in the binding areas gives unlimited grip for an overall super smooth and agile ride.
  • Whiskey Rocks:Four Basalt plates beneath the heel and toe direct the rider's energy to the key control areas on the board. It also doubles the breaking strength and increases edge hold in all conditions without compromising a smooth ride.
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Go huge, hit a kinked rail and rally carves is all the Rush wants. A.B.T. on an I-Rock rocker smoothes out the gnarliest features, cushions icy landings and just wants to go fast for the smoothest rocker board ever. The 3D-Transitional Sidecut, Whiskey Rocks and Whiskey Shooters boosts off anything while allowing the most fun while you push yourself to the max.



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