Flow Rush ABT Snowboard - Men's

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  • 1 Piece A.B.T.
  • Whiskey Rocks and Whiskey Shooters
  • Reflex Core
  • I-Rock rocker
  • True Twin
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The RUSH, it's all in a name, right? No other rocker board can hammer down icy glades or hold up on huge kickers like this monstrous machine. This true twin sits well-balanced on your feet with its A.B.T. base to help absorb those hard landings. This park killer will perform to your highest standards and keep your RUSH coming back time and time again.

1 Piece ABT

The Original ABT. Superior dampening of vibration for a smoother ride, easier boardslides on rails, and a great "stomp" pad on hard landings. Makes for quick edge-to-edge transitions.

Whiskey Rocks

Four Basalt plates beneath the heel and toe direct the rider's energy to the key control areas on the board. It also doubles the breaking strength and increases edge hold in all conditions without comprimising a smooth ride.

Whiskey Shooter

One of a kind reverse V-design using 4 carbon strips for crazy pop while keeping the nose/tail free for a fun and agile ride with a lively feel.

Tru Twin

Equal amounts of nose and tail allow a rider equal opportunity to ride in any direction.

3D Transition

Smooth with tons of grip, the 3D Transitional sidecut blend is uniquely different between the feet, mellow for I-Rock and super tight for Pop-Cam boards. Mellow tips and aggresive radius in the binding areas gives unlimited grip for an overall super smooth agile ride.

Reflex Core

Our lightest, most responsive core with the highest strength-to-weight wood construction known to man. Focused response where you need it, and more low-to-mid density woods in specific locations to increase strength while decreasing weight.

Quadrax (0/+30°/-30°/90°)

With most fibers running tip to tail and a 30 degree angle, the matrix gives tons of pop with torsional freedom while distributing binding power over a larger area.

Sintered 4000

Highest speed, super hard, high wax absorbing and durable.



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